Our Team

One Place For All

With the growth of our company, still running under the Jie family, Central have created an expertise in the field of Supply Chain. We dedicate ourselves to learn and understand what our customer need, and the various uses of the equipment that they require. Our team’s deep knowledge of the products we supply, guarantees its quality and appropriate utilization, tailored to the customer’s requests. Because our team have the experience from working as a user, we understand what our customers needs, and place quality & service as our priority. Our mission is to work tirelessly together with our partners, to build a strong and lasting relationship.

CENTRAL has sales and technical personnel that are experienced and well versed in the prod- ucts that we represent and distribute. This is done through constant upgrading of product knowledge through trainings with principals and in-house trainings.

We have a committed team of warehousing staff and drivers that are always operationally ready to meet customer’s delivery schedule.